PURE RETREAT - En Sörmländsk oas

Världens bästa jobb part jag vet inte vad

När höststormarna rasar och orken är begränsad är det extra trevligt att få cred för det gångna årets slit. En av våra sköna gäster (vad vore vi utan dem?) recenserar på Tripadvisor:

"Like being at home"

A strange title, I know. Let me explain. Pure Retreat is a small b&b owned and run by a nice lady called Helen. The hotel itself is fine. its very quiet, basically in the middle of farm land. I ended up there unexpectedly (i booked it 2 months before arrival, and when I arrived, i was expecting/believing i was going to a different hotel!)

 for 2 nights. I have to say, Its been a while since I've been in a hotel without a TV in the room or ensuite bathroom, but once I got over the surprise, it wasnt a problem at all. in fact, the communal bathroom I used had a large well pressured high flow shower, with plently of space. The communal TV facilties came with enough DVD/videos to last you months. 
There are not many rooms, so I really dont see the communal facilities being a problem. The bed was large and soft, and unlike many hotels, came with pillows that had some stuffing them.

However, the reason Im compelled to write this review is because of the service. Helen and her mum drove me both mornings to the company I was visiting, and would have been available to fetch me home as well if needed, a 40Km round trip each time. 
Secondly, Helen made me a lovely evening meal (its a b&b), using quite a bit of produce from the farm they're located in. 
Lastly, Helen also did the homework for me on how to get back to Vasteras airport via train and shuttle service. For these unofficial extras, the additional charge that Helen didnt really enjoy adding on was way less than relying on taxis and restaurants. So the service is why it was like being at home for me.

  • Bodde där i September 2012, reste i arbetet

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